As soon as this bat leaves the workshop, it will be subject to the wear and tear of cricket games and practice. Willow is by its very nature, a soft wood that, when pressed, provides the rebound qualities required to strike the ball effectively. Wood is a natural product, which can only take so much stress and strain. The life span of a bat should be measured by how much ball impact it sustains, not the length of time you own it, the customer who uses a bat seven days a week should expect it to break seven times quicker than that of the customer who uses it once.


Willow and cane are natural materials used by EKUM GLOBAL in accordance with the laws of the game; these materials naturally deteriorate with use and even with the best preparation, cannot be made impervious to the effects of poor quality balls, mistimed shots, yorkers, excessive tapping, general wear and tear etc. As a result it is impossible for any manufacturer to accurately predict the life expectancy of a cricket bat. EKUM GLOBAL bats are warranted for 06 months from the date of purchase. The warranty covers manufacturing and material defects. It excludes damage caused by the use of poor quality balls, mistimed shots/yorkers, tapping and normal wear and tear.

Proof of purchase & preparation will be required to support any warranty claim

Majority of unsuccessful claims are as a result of poor preparation of the bat before use. Therefore and in order to be validate the warranty, a professional bat knocking-in service must be used. All bats returned under warranty will need to be accompanied by proof of sufficient preparation as well as proof of purchase. All bats are assessed by our experienced staff and in some cases, the batmaker at EKUM GLOBAL. Following assessment, the bat will be either repaired or, if repair is not viable, replaced or part replaced (i.e. a new bat offered at a significantly discounted price) depending on the nature of the damage and its general condition. We pride ourselves on good customer service and we will always try to be fair and reasonable with the customer especially in ‘grey area’ cases. Advice on preparation, maintenance and remedial action should your bat suffer unfortunate damage is available under the bat care section of our site. Please take the trouble to read the advice. Remember that the team at Phantom Cricket not only make quality bats, but also provide a comprehensive after-sales service.